Our hotel near square Saint-Georges in Paris

Originally intended for horses to drink, a central fountain, which was dried up in 1906 by the construction of the metro, was replaced in 1911 by a Monument to Gavarni, due to the sculptor Denys Puech, also including a fountain (reopened in 1995) and surmounted by a bust of the artist. On the base is a scene from the Paris Carnival, with three characters, including a stevedore in the middle. Paul Gavarni (1804-1866) specialized in the representation of these carnivalesque figures. It is the only Parisian monument directly evoking the Paris Carnival.

Remarkable places around the hotel and square Saint-Georges in Paris

N°27 square Saint-Georges : Thiers hotel : Alexis Dosne owned land in the district. In 1824, he obtained the extension of Saint-Georges street and the subdivision and sale of these lands, thus realizing an interesting real estate operation. On the square, he built a hotel that his wife sold for 100,000 francs to Adolphe Thiers when he married her daughter, Élise Dosne. On December 2, 1851, during the coup d’état of Napoleon III, Adolphe Thiers was arrested in his room.

After the Second Empire, Adolphe Thiers was elected president of the Republic and repressed the Paris Commune. The Minister of Justice of the Paris Commune, Eugène Protot, had the building destroyed on May 11, 1871, but Gustave Courbet saved the property. The building was rebuilt in 1873. Elise Thiers died there in 1880. Thiers’ sister-in-law, Félicie Dosne, bequeathed it and its library to the Institut de France in 1905. Today it is the Dosne-Thiers Foundation.

N°28 square Saint-Georges: hotel of the marquise de Païva decorated with cherubs, lions, statues in neo-gothic and neo-renaissance style (architect Renaud, 1840). She moved here in 1851 and later built a new luxury hotel bearing her name on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

At the end of the rue Saint-Georges, at n° 51 of this street, the Saint-Georges theater, inaugurated on February 8, 1829, transformed by Charles Siclis. In 1908, it housed the headquarters of the National Society of Fine Arts. This is where some scenes from François Truffaut’s film Le Dernier Métro were shot in 1980.

Come and discover our hotel at two minutes walk from the Place Saint-Georges and discover not far the Moulin Rouge, the Sacré Coeur basilica… We offer many services (breakfast, room service…), a good quality-price ratio, and many restaurants can be found nearby.