Discover the famous South Pigalle district by staying at the Arvor hotel

In the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris is South Pigalle. At the foot of the Montmartre hill, a few minutes walk from the Sacré-Coeur basilica, this neighborhood has become a “trendy” place in the capital. We said “become”, because it was not always. So to understand the history of South Pigalle, and to immerse oneself in it, there is nothing like an immersive stay in the 9th district. At the Arvor Hotel, we offer you many services to make sure you have the best time possible in this charming area, only 5 minutes from the Pigalle metro station. To visit the area is to discover a small piece of Parisian history.

Find a hotel in the 9th district

There is a large choice of hotels in the 9th district. But they don’t necessarily offer everything we offer at Arvor. With us, you will have the right to a complete and high quality hotel service, in order to spend an unforgettable moment in South Pigalle.

The hotel is particularly well located and easy to reach. Ten minutes walk from the Gare du Nord, it is surrounded by the Pigalle, Notre-Dame-de-Lorette and Saint-Georges metro stations. The streets of this charming neighborhood are known for their affluence, but at 8 rue Laferrière, you will be in a quiet place. Why? Because the small street of our hotel is far from the main boulevards. By staying with us, you offer yourself a refuge of peace and conviviality in the heart of the Parisian agitation.

The Arvor Hotel is close to the South Pigalle district, giving you the opportunity to explore and visit the city without using public transportation.

South Pigalle : a mythical district

Also nicknamed SoPi, for South Pigalle, this name refers geographically to the area south of Place Pigalle. In the past, it was the red light district of Paris, with many bars and cabarets, and a rather modest population. Today, Pigalle is a district as famous as the Marais, attracting a “hype” and “trendy” population. Arvor is the refined luxury, the refuge of calm and modernity of a hotel near South Pigalle, a lively district.

SoPi, the hipster district, has become a must-see place. You can choose to walk in the main artery: the street of the Martyrs. It is a very lively street, where many restaurants, bars, cheesemongers, cafes, etc. have been established. It is also called the street of the single product, because many stores are specialized in the manufacture of a single product: they are specialists. For a bucolic interlude, you can go for a walk on avenue Frochot, which shelters fabulous houses. Visit the Museum of Romantic Life to learn more about George Sand and Ary Scheffer. Or discover the new concept stores that are gradually being set up.
South Pigalle remains an authentic neighborhood, and if you’re looking for a typically French café, we recommend the Sans Souci, the Lautrec, or Chez Bouboule (to try your hand at pétanque in the comfort of a brasserie.